“Encouraging families enduring the loss of child during pregnancy or infancy to grieve bravely, heal gently, and remember boldly.”


Welcome to The Awakening Grace Foundation. Awakening Grace is here to encourage families during the loss of a child during pregnancy and infancy to grieve bravely, heal gently, and remember boldly. We believe that these stages of grief should be passed through in each person’s own time.

To support these families, Awakening Grace provides care packages during or after their loss at any time. These care packages include comfort and memorial items as a small token of remembrance and love from our family to theirs. Burial garments can also be chosen from items kept on hand or may be custom made at the time of the loss. These garments are for babies of any gestation or age, including during pregnancy from 0-12 weeks, 12-20 weeks, 20-42 weeks, and after birth, 0-12 months. 

Awakening Grace also provides families with support finding resources in their community for funeral expenses if needed, support groups (both online and in person), and information about a woman’s options during a miscarriage. Lastly, Awakening Grace provides photography services for pregnancy loss of any gestation.

Our services are meant to ease a small part of the pain of losing your precious child. If you would like more information about how Awakening Grace can serve you, please contact us at contact@theawakeninggracefoundation.org.

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